Sri Lanka Round Tours
sri lanka round tours
sri lanka round tours

The second ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka which started by King Vijayabahu I. After defeat the Chola invaders. Since that he started to develop the country and he supported to develop agriculture as well as an irrigation system. On King Prakramabahu time was the golden era of the city he preserved all parts of the city well. He made massive reservoir called Parakrama Samudraya. He developed the irrigation as well Buddhism. There are many Buddhist Monasteries found in this great location. Gal viharaya one of amazing creation of ancient stonemasons. The features of the statues are truly amazing and magnificent even small emotions have been expressed in those statutes. Polonnaruwa watadageya one of amazing creation of stonemasons. It is built for worship Lord Buddha and totally made from stone.

There is another statue called King Parakramabahu statue located near Prakrama Samudraya. Within archeologists have many arguments about this statue because there are several ideas of the stature represent. Another location that shouldn’t be missed is Royal palace of King Parakramabahu, a massive structure made of wooden and stone, there are some few ruins still remaining today. 


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